We were approached by HRD of the company PROFILE VOX, Emanuel Reśliński, with a request for recruitment. Our company had been recommended by the regional office of GI Group, as their reliable partner in Belarus since 2014, and that imposed additional responsibility on us. So this project was in of primal importance to us.

The specifics of the project was that all vacancies were based in Brest, at the local production site and required good knowledge of English. While there are not that many opportunities to use this language professionally in this region. So some of the candidates that matched were to relocate from Minsk. 

To fulfill the client hiring needs, we deeply analyzed the production of plastic products technical details, examined the market thoroughly. Headhunting was actively used by us to build a solid talent pipeline and attract the best candidates.


6 vacancies closed in total:

  • Deputy Director for Production and Logistics, 
  • Financial Controller, 
  • Marketing Specialist, 
  • Technologis
  • Procurement Specialist.

We submitted from 2 to 4 candidates for the each role: the ones that matched the requirements the most. As talent pool was really small, we were quality oriented. From 5 to 7 face-to-face interviews were conducted. We relocated two people from Minsk to Brest: Financial Controller and Deputy Director for Production and Logistics. We were in permanent contact with the HQ in Poland, detailing candidates’ strong and weak points, highlighting their experience and so on.

Result in numbers
  • 30 relevant CVS
  • 25 phone interviews
  • 18 interviews in person
  • 6 positions filled
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