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Relocation of customer service specialists to Latvia


In 2018 we were contacted by the company providing customer service to the users of Western Union’s payment system. This department is located in Riga, Latvia and the request was for 30 new employees, Nordic speakers.

Due to the lack of specialists with good knowledge of Nordic languages in Latvia and unwillingness to relocate among most Nordic citizens, we’ve been contacted by the company. The request was to relocate specialists with higher education and speaking Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish or Danish and English at a B2+ level from CIS countries to Riga.


We posted the ads on the leading job boards, in social networks and also did mailing to passive relevant candidates (~ 2000 people), phone called more than 300 people. Among candidates not ready for relocation we used referral program and interviewed people who came from their recommendations.

As in Belarus it is mandatory to register  foreign employees that are relocating Belarusian citizens,  we’ve formed and submitted the package of necessary documents. Transcom with our full assistance was successfully approved as a trusted Employer  and all relocated employees are protected by the government.


Now we are an exclusive partner of Transcom in CIS countries and we relocate Nordic speakers from CIS region on an ongoing basis. Our candidates when first contacted were residing in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Belarus and various Russian cities: Saint-Petersburg, Moscow, etc.

Also we relocated one native Swedish speaker who was residing in Saint Petersburg at the moment, communication with him was in English completely.

We consulted all our candidates regarding migration, supported them during the whole process and we still keep in touch. 

We have established cooperation with Nordic language school based in Saint Petersburg, completely organized the whole event and assisted in preparing all materials. Then we presented the company there together with Transcom employees - for the audience of 30 people and then organized a promotion sent to the database of Nordic school listeners.