Outstaffing, temporary staff, payroll service

Outstaffing, temporary staff, payroll service

Outstaffing,temporary staff, payroll service

Outstaffing is a service that focuses on the transfer of employees working in one company to another legfl entity.

We offer our clients professional outstaffing and payroll services:

  • Transfer of personnel from the client's stafflist tp KIAT's payroll;
  • HR-records keeping;
  • Running payroll calculations;
  • Taxpaying from the payroll;
  • Accounting to the social security and other funds, to the inland revenue inspection;
  • Sick leave payment, vacation payment, business trips record, remuneration reference at the request of employee;
  • Resolution of disputes with employees under the labor laws of the Republic of Belarus.

You Recieve:

  • Quick replacement of the employee in the event of poor performance;
  • The ability to react quickly and flexibly to changing market conditions by increasing or reducing the amount of staff;
  • Focus on key areas, passing secondary functions to HR-provider;
  • Reducing the “hidden costs” – costs for advertising and audits, staff training, reducing the volume of documentation, etc .;
  • Guarantee compliance with all labor and tax laws;
  • Reduce the risk of labor disputes;
  • Reduction of reporting to the various funds and the tax office (the cost of this service depends on the labor intensity of conducting all the options for a particular employee enrollment in the state of our company).

Finding talents and assessing applicants is our job!

If you’re going to start business in Belarus, open a new company, branch or representative office – you are our client!

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