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IT recruitment in Belarus as it is a developed business field locally and skilled specialists are in a very high demand, requires a top expertise to provide a stable flow of candidates, establish a solid talent pipeline that would include people suitable for the role and motivated to engage in all recruitment stages.

We use all efficient sources that help us attract relevant candidates including but not limited to social networks, job boards, references and our impressive internal database where we store individuals from the previous recruitment projects. 

Either gamedev, fintech, ecommerce or else... we always aim to share a passion for a project/product of our client and transfer it to the candidates. And also to find the perfect fit that has the enthusiasm and ambition that matches those of other team members and the global top-management strategy. Moreover we only short-list those who will likely pass the technical interview as they have the required skills and proper mindset, similar experience with the project/product architecture coupled with great interest towards the used technologies and tools.

We achieve these goals by deep understanding of our client’s requirements compiled by CTO, Team or Tech Leader or communicated to us by HR. We aim to perceive the project or a product as a system where the skills of each specialist are interdependent and essential elements. Having a presence on HR market for almost two decades and continuously performing an executive search of IT specialists, we carefully follow emerging changes and permanently gather insights about the salary levels and appearing trends. Whether it’s time tracking, an open-source project or test tasks - we will always ask the most important questions to save our client’s time and ensure the relevance of each candidate. And we are able to address the most critical issues and worries that people have about the specific offer as we speak their language and use IT slang.

Our instruments and standards ensure positive candidate experience and individual search strategy designed specifically for each client.

Besides we have a rich and successful experience relocating IT specialists from Belarus, Russia and Ukraine to various European (and other) countries with preparation of all specific migration documents in compliance with the local legislation. We are also competent regarding forming cross-functional and remote teams all over the globe and have a proven efficiency in recruiting IT personnel for them.

We are specialized in assisting IT companies with building the local team and tech personnel recruitment. And you can always count on our insights regarding talent market, migration policy, compensation&benefits package and many more.

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