Staff Recruitment

Professional search and selection.

“Bringing the right people to you… we find talent and create a dream team!”

Human resources is the primary material for “the construction” of each company.

Our expertise:


Wholesale and retail sales

Engineering, manufacturing

Accounting and Economics


Warehousing and transport logistics


Supply, procurement

back office

In our projects we use classical recruiting techniques.

The choice of optimal technique depends on the task to be solved.

We usually work on “white collar” positions.

The cost of recruitment services:

We working without prepayment. For a filled vacancy, we offer from 10 to 14% оf fixed annual gross salary.

Warranty terms: We provide a free replacement in case of a discharge an employee for any reason within 90 -180  days from the date of employment. In case of failure to fulfill our warranty obligations, we are ready to return your payment

Finding talents and assessing applicants is our job !

If you’re going to start business in Belarus, open a new company, branch or representative office – you are our client!

  • Executive Search

    Direct targeted search in similar business area.

  • Head Hunting

    The search for a specific, predetermined candidate.

  • Search and Select

    Massive search and selection.

Special permit (license) № 02010/1651 to employ the citizens abroad, dated October 31, 2011, valid to October 31, 2021.

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More than 16 years in HR-market!
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