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RAILANA  is one of the leaders on the Baltic market in the field of railway transport and logistics.

The acting head of the representative office asked us to search for the best replacement for him. The demand had emerged due to the change of ownership. The Belarusian representative office of “Adeptlogistic” was acquired by “RAILANA”.

It was expected to fill in the following roles under strict deadlines: the Head of representative office, the Chief accountant, form a Sales Department of three experienced specialists, and close the vacancy of Forwarding agent in order to sustain the sales numbers and prevent the loss of key clients on the local market.


In order to identify successful replacement the search was done among competitors, we used Executive Search technique. As the result three candidates had been shortlisted. They were interviewed by the managing director of the Head office. After performing reference check, the final candidate had been selected and employed.

The following task was to search for the Chief Accountant and 3- Sales Managers. It was crucial to complete the recruitment process during two weeks at most. So that orientation period of selected Head of representative office would include hiring new team members.

3 candidates for the Chief accountant role were presented, all of them had international experience in the representative offices of foreign companies. 

To find the talented and efficient Sales Representatives that would also be a cultural fit and share the same views on client policy and business processes had been a challenge traditionally. We submitted almost 20 -candidates, 10 out of which were interviewed by the client. Finally three people that matched the best visited the HQ in Lithuania and began their career at Railana.

The next step was to select very experienced candidates that worked with rail transport for the Forwarding agent position. We conducted 8- interviews and recommended to proceed with three top candidates. Then the most skilled final candidate was identified and hired.


We’ve worked with long list of 36- relevant people found from various sources. 6 positions had been successfully closed.

We are an exclusive HR-provider of the company, when management members have any organizational questions or they are considering to open a new position, we are the first contact.